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I might be back! December 12, 2009

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Hold on to your hats, everyone. I might just resurface here as the long-lost blogger. I miss this, but just don’t have it in me to keep it up. So maybe I’ll return as the occasional blogger. I’ll have to think more about the correct term.

One thing is for sure, though. I’m going to try to leave out any stories about my hubs. He really is such a wonderful man, and he does so many things for me and our family. He just makes me crazy once in a while, which I’M SURE I do to him as well!

Anyway, here goes…


Five People March 20, 2008

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I stole this from Liss’ myspace page. FUN!

Nam​​e 5 peo​​ple​​ you​​ can​​ thi​​nk of rig​​ht off​​ the​​ top​​ of you​​r hea​​d.
Don​’t rea​d the​ que​sti​ons​ und​ern​eat​h unt​il you​ wri​te the​ nam​es of all​ 5 peo​ple​.
Thi​s is a lot​ fun​nie​r if you​ act​ual​ly ran​dom​ly lis​t the​ nam​es fir​st.​..

1. Ray
2. Shaelin
3. My Mom
4. Karen
5. Amber


1. How​ did​ you​ mee​t num​ber​ 3?
In a hospital on May 14, 1970.

2. On a sca​le 1-1​0 rat​e you​r fri​end​shi​p wit​h num​ber​ 2.
Shaelin is one of my best pals, after all…I spend most of my time with her! I hope we’ll be close forever.

3. How​ lon​g hav​e you​ kno​wn num​ber​ 4?
Karen and I have been best friends for 20 years!.

4. How​ do you​ kno​w num​ber​ 2?
Gave birth to her on December 21, 2005.

5. Wha​t wou​ld you​ do if 5 tol​d you​ the​y lov​ed you​?
She does all the time, and I reciprocate!

6. A fac​t abo​ut num​ber​ 1?
He is my hus​ban​d and​ my bes​t fri​end​.

7. Who​ is 4 goi​ng out​ wit​h?
Um…she’s married to Kevin, but they don’t go out a lot. They have a new baby!

8. Wha​t is 2 doi​ng?
Playing upstairs with my niece and no doubt looking adorable.

9. Wou​ld you​ liv​e wit​h num​ber​ 3?
YUP.  Did for 27 years!

10.​ Wha​t do you​ lik​e abo​ut num​ber​ 1?
He is the most caring, supportive person I know.

11.​ Do you​ mis​s num​ber​ 5?
YES! I wish we could chat more, and maybe even meet someday!

12.​ Wou​ld you​ mak​e out​ wit​h 4?
EW…she’s my best friend!

13.​ Wha​t’s​ ur opi​nio​n of num​ber​ 4?
I can tell her anything and she is always there for me.

14.​ Wha​t’s​ you​r fav​ori​te mem​ory​ wit​h num​ber​ 5?
Pro​bab​ly finding out how much we have in common.

15.​ Wha​t wou​ld you​ do if num​ber​ 1 and​ 3 wer​e goi​ng out​?

16.​ Eve​r had​ a lon​g con​ver​sat​ion​ wit​h 5?
YES! On the phone.

17.​ hav​e eve​r sle​pt at num​ber​ 2s hou​se?
Every night​.

18.​ Do you​ han​g out​ alo​t wit​h num​ber​ 3?
Not​ as muc​h as I’d​ lik​e, tha​t’s​ for​ sur​e.

19.​ Who​ hav​e you​ kno​wn the​ lon​ges​t?

21.​ How​ oft​en do you​ tal​k and​ see​ 1?

22.​ Wha​t do you​ thi​nk abo​ut num​ber​ 3?
She’s the most influential person in my life and I love her dearly.


OCD continued… March 14, 2008

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Most of the time Ray is not OCD about much. There’s one thing that he is OCD about that drives me crazy. And the other night I totally busted him on it! Shaelin has many different colors of sippy cups: pink, yellow, blue, green. Ray MUST stack them in the cabinet according to color. That’s not the part that drives me crazy.

The other night I had put the cups away, stacking them randomly. For some reason, I am not OCD about the color stacking. I went upstairs to do something, came back down, and CAUGHT him in the cabinet, re-stacking the cups according to color! Isn’t that hilarious???!!!

So he can no longer point the finger when I do the same if he doesn’t fold the towels correctly. heh


10 things I am OCD about…C’mon and Play Along! February 26, 2008

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1-I have to have my towels hanging with the opening on the right.

2-I have to say the same 3 phrases to my daughter every night when I put her to bed. “I love you, Baby Angel. You sleep good with sweet dreams. God bless you and keep you safe.”

3-I have to floss/brush my teeth every single night or I can’t go to bed. No matter how tired I am.

4-Everything MUST match. All of the time. No exceptions.

5-I have to wear a headset when I talk on the phone in the car. Otherwise I won’t talk on the phone in the car (when I’m driving).

6- I cannot stand crumbs on the counter. Or in the sink. Wipe them up or rinse them down!

7-If I’m putting on more than one ring in the morning, I have to put on my wedding ring first.

8-Although my daughter’s sippy cups have interchangeable lids, I am a freak about the right cup having the right lid. See also #4.

9-I must wipe my daughter’s nose if it’s running, or get an eye booger, or change her if her clothes are soiled. I always want her to look as cute as she is!

10-I have to unload the top rack of the dishwasher first.

There are soooooooooo many more than 10, but just thought I’d share a few. What are you OCD about? And don’t say “nothing” because you are lying.



Happy Valentine’s Day February 13, 2008

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I am a sucker for anything having to do with love, hearts, romance, and mush. So Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. If nothing else, it is a reminder of how much love I am fortunate to have in my life. I’ve always been a very sentimental person. I like to save things, make memories, and now create journals, scrapbooks, and photo albums of those memories. It’s not about the cards, the flowers, the candy. It’s about reminding yourself that you are loved and that you have others to love. Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! Love you!


Can you say OLD???!!! February 6, 2008

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So I’m at the doctor’s office today. There’s a young girl next to me checking in. The lady at the desk went to put an ’08 sticker on her folder and she accidentally turned it around. She made a joke that it would be 1980 instead of 2008. The girl says…”I wasn’t even born back then.” I burst out into laughter and then quickly calm it, as it seems rude. But I was already ten years old by then! It just seems wrong that the 80s are now considered “history.” And this is dedicated to my niece Liss, who wasn’t even born back then, either! 😉


The Search for the Perfect Tree…and a lapdance January 3, 2008

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So I’m driving home one day before Christmas, and I spot this gem. Christmas trees for sale at a STRIP CLUB, people! The photo is not great, as it was snowing and I was literally slowing down while driving to snap it, but you get the idea. What’s next? Nativity scenes for sale at the local bar? Sheesh.

Conjure up this image…

Mom: Sally and Jimmy, get your coats. We’re going to pick out our Christmas tree.

Dad: Yes, I’ve got a special place picked out this year, kids.

(As they pull in the drive) Jimmy: Daddy, what’s “Las Vegas Revue?”

Sally: Daddy, what are showgirls? I want to be one.